Insurance Information

We gladly accept check or credit card for payment for our services. As a courtesy, we can also file dental PPO insurance claims on your behalf, and accept your benefits as a form of payment. We do not verify your insurance benefits beforehand, and we encourage all our patients to call their insurance company directly and ask them what benefits they will receive by seeing us.  You may provide them with our name and address, and they can let you know what benefits you would receive when coming to us for services. We also have a list of codes and our fees that we provide in our registration forms, so you can ask for specific maximums and coverages.  If there is a portion of our services your insurance doesn't cover, we will invoice you if there is any balance.

Some more details...

Keep in mind, under the Affordable Care Act, childrens' preventive dental care is a required coverage. Some dental insurances may cover preventive care (exam, cleanings, fluoride, and x-rays) at 100% regardless of whether you are in or out of network, so it is worthwhile to examine your benefits closely.

Why don't we verify benefits? Currently, our practice has partnered with only specialist insurance networks, aka umbrella networks. Specifically, these are Careington and DHA Assurant. These networks provide a negotiated rate to select dental insurance plans within the brand name dental insurance companies (Aetna, Cigna, Guardian, etc). In other words, we do not have a contract with any of the insurance companies directly and to ensure accuracy and reliability, it is in our patients' best interest to hear the benefits they have purchased directly from their insurance provider.

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